About Muddy Raven Ceramics 

     Muddy Raven is the brand name for ceramic art created by ceramic artist, Katherine Heicksen. Most work is wheel thrown cone 5 stoneware. Glazes are freehand painted and sgraffito is often used in surface decoration technique. The work is art that is meant to be handled and there is usually a textural element to each piece. Mugs are always dishwasher and microwave safe and glazed with non-toxic, food safe materials. 


     The process of creating even the most basic ceramics piece is a long one. It begins with wedging moist clay. This process is similar to kneeding bread dough and is done to remove air bubbles from the clay and to align clay particles making the clay more plastic. The clay is portioned and then centered, opened, lifted, shaped and smoothed on the pottery wheel. After the initial form is created, it is left to dry a bit until it has the moisture of chedder cheese. Then it is flipped on its head and the bottom is trimmed. Handles are pulled, left to set and then attachted at this stage as well. The work is then left to dry thoroughly, which takes about a week. When it is bone dry, the work goes through a bisque firing in the kiln during which the clay hardens and shrinks but remains a bit fragile and absorbant. After this initial firing, the work is ready to glaze. Glazes are painted or sponged on, often in layers to create unique and multidimensional surfaces. Sometimes the glazes are carved away to create images. After the glaze is dry, the work undergoes its final firing reaching temperatures that cause the clay to vitrify and capable of holding liquids, even without glassy glazes.


This site primarily serves as a virtual gallery and the pieces shown have already sold. For currently available work, please visit the Muddy Raven Etsy store at: https://www.etsy.com/shop/MuddyRaven


Reviews of Etsy sales can be found here: www.etsy.com/your/shops/MuddyRaven/reviews?ref=shop_info


You may find Muddy Raven art in galleries and specialty shops as well as at select craft fairs on occassion as well. Please see the Shops and Sales for upcoming dates where you can purchase art in person.





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